A Gun Battle Erupts In Rockford

Early Thursday evening gun fire erupted near the Fairgrounds housing complex. After the smoke cleared multiple pools of blood, dozens of shell casings and two injured men were left.

Both men in their upper teens were treated for non life threatening bullet wounds to the leg. The investigation is still underway to determine if the victims are also the shooters, or if there are more people involved.

Rockford police had investigators at the scene of the crime and at the hospital with the two victims. 9mm and .45 caliber casings were found at the scene. There may have been multiple guns of the same caliber used in the shoot out. Police said a vehicle belonging to one of the suspects was found on Kishwaukee.

Over fifty shell casings were found. That number speaks to the nature of the gun battle, especially if only two guns were used. That would mean the gunmen had to empty their clips, stop, reload, and then start firing again.

Thursday's shooting was in the same neighborhood a 7-year old was shot during a drive by last June.