Stephenson County Officials Move Forward WIth Industrial Park Plans

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Monday night, the Stephenson County board authorized a special meeting in the next month to look over the economic development area for the Mill Race Industrial Park.

The EDA covers Mill Race's utilities, roads and flood plains for the park, to be located off Springfield and Lamm Road south of Freeport.

Trim-Rite has shown interest at Mill Race in recent months.

However, Board Chairman John Blum labels contact with company officials as minimal in recent months.

He says management is currently reviewing hog suppliers in nearby states, to find out if Stephenson County is the best location.

"Trim-Rite has to make a decision in their boardroom with their ownership and their investors. The county is only here to facilitate a project if and when they are ready to move forward. Trim-Rite has to get all their ducks in a row before they can make their commitment. We're here to help," Blum said.

The economic development area will undergo zoning scrutiny and public comments before a final draft is presented to the county board.

That's expected sometime in mid to late October.

Stephenson County Chairman tells 23 News any official company commitments for the Mill Race Industrial Park aren’t expected until this November at the earliest.