Too Much Finger Pointing

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During his State of the Schools speech, Rockford School Superintendent Dr. Alan Brown says the district is moving in the right direction with new programs and four passed referendums in the past three years. But despite these successes, some say Dr. Brown has not met some critical goals of his contract.

While some are quick to point the finger at Dr. Brown at least one Rockford School Board member says the problem is just that, too much finger pointing and no accountability.

When Dr.Alan Brown came to the Rockford school district almost three years ago, his was not an easy task: dig the district out of a major deficit and a deep educational achievement hole.

Former board member Ted Biondo says it's a task he failed. "Fifty-five percent of our children received failing grades."

The board is currently discussing whether to extend Dr. Brown's contract when it expires in June 2003. Board member Mike Bliss says with a good portion of the board up for re-election in April, finding a new superintendent would not be an easy task. He says he would vote to extend Dr. Brown's contract.

Bliss says Dr. Brown is not at fault for the district's problems, he says it's the board that should get the failing grade. He says it's time for the board to take responsibility for what has gone wrong with the district.

Bliss says he doesn't know when the board will decide whether to extend that contract.