Confiscated Fireworks

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Thousands gathered in Davis Park for the annual fireworks show, a Spectacle of Color and Celebration, but some might say a more astounding spectacle can be found at the Rockford Fire Department where thousands of illegal fireworks confiscated during the holiday weekend were on display.

"It's all dangerous, it all explodes and puts up sparks, they all require a match or a lighter, and that's playing with fire, no two ways about it," says Rockford Fire Chief Frank Schmitt.

Between July 2 and July 4 the fire department estimates that $7500 to $10,000 worth of fireworks were confiscated from residents. "I know it's more than what we've gotten in the past. We added a day to the confiscation process and this isn't event a hundredth of what was in the publics hands," says Schmitt.

Fire Chief Frank Schmitt says numerous calls came into the 911 center. Some were complaint driven and others we were just driving through the city and they would go off as we were driving by. We'd have to stop and wait until the fireworks finished, and they go confiscate whatever was left," says Schmitt.

Schmitt says all of the fireworks were purchased outside of the state. "The vendors exist solely to sell to people out of state," says Schmitt. Schmitt says there were 2 fireworks related injuries outside of the city, but none reported in Rockford.

All of the fireworks will be destroyed by the Rockford Police Department Bomb Squad.