Memorial Hall Fundraiser

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But the challenge is to keep the living artifact around for future generations. Just last month a campaign called “Raise the Flag” started. This is all to help our historic Memorial Hall in downtown Rockford.

The “Raise the Flag” campaign is an attempt to raise a quarter of a million dollars. By the end of the summer curators want new display cases, full standing mannequins in uniforms, and hopefully expand their already vast collection. A memorial fund has been set up in order to collect donations. Organizers say this is a perfect time to really emphasize the many points of interest in downtown Rockford.

Now is also the time to donate any artifacts to Memorial Hall. By having any pieces of the past now will help organizers figure out how the inside of memorial hall should be remodeled. Last month memorial hall celebrated its 102nd anniversary. Memorial Hall is the only building of its kind in Illinois.