Fireworks to Blame in Residential House Fire

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After flames started from illegal fireworks rip extensive damage at a home on Garrison Avenue, firefighters plead for residents to keep fireworks in the drawer, and leave the spectacle for professionals.

This is what's left of the home on Garrison Avenue.

Investigators say fireworks embers in a pile of firewood near the rear deck sparked the fire.

Fire crews say residents awoke to a fire alarm around 12:30 a.m., and found the backside of their house in flames. After residents escaped the home and called 911, firefighters controlled the fire within 11 minutes.

It took three hours to extinguish all the hot spots and hidden fires. Damage to the home is estimated at $50,000. Fire crews say the fire proves the tragic consequences from illegal recreation.

"Fireworks have an inherent risk to them. Risk for causing injury, blindness, burning someone's property, burning someone's children, this is just the latest in a local trend we've had from fireworks," investigator Bill Hyde said.