Roadside Safety Checkpoint Leads to Surprises, Several Arrests

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Illegal drivers: be warned this holiday weekend, state police are out in full force, and they're looking for you.

"For those traveling and using our roads that might be operating illegally, they'll never know where they're going to see us, when we are going to be over the next hill, around the next curve," State Police Sergeant Dave Youngblut said.

Combining local and state law enforcement, nearly a dozen officers swarmed Rock Cut State Park's entrance with a mission: getting impaired, uninsured and unlicensed drivers off the road. 23 News cameras caught several busts firsthand, including a driver who backed into a car while fleeing the park, but didn't get very far.

"We seen the car in front of them, and they are backing up really, really fast, trying to get out of the park real fast, and we are asking, why is he going back so fast and not looking where he's going?" Linda Ballard said.

"They found out he was in possession of drugs, so he's under arrest, and he also has got something to answer for running into a car and leaving the scene," Youngblut said.

While EMTs tended to injured passengers, officers continued their arrests, using canine dogs when needed to search inside cars. State police argue the roadside safety checks have a strong effect beyond just the field arrests.

"The fact that we are out here in numbers throughout the holiday weekend with roadside checks, hopefully people that will normally consider driving while impaired or without driver licenses will think twice and stay off the roads," Youngblut said.

A message found out the hard way by drivers who entered Rock Cut State Park for fun and left in handcuffs.