Holiday Weekend Tops Nation's Deadliest Driving Days

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State Police Master Sergeant Paul Pinzarrone has a simple plea for drivers this holiday weekend.

"A lot of families load up and they're going to make their one or two long trips over the weekend, and to those people, we have to remind them to pay attention and buckle up," Pinzarrone said.

The reminder is especially important on this Fourth of July weekend. According to the National Insurance Companies, July 3 and 4 recently topped the nation's deadliest driving days. Pinzarrone says those statistics will drop if more drivers use more common sense.

"Don't be in a rush, don't be in a hurry. Use your head when you drive, drive defensively, watch your speed, and if you are going to drink, have someone else drive," Pinzarrone said.

In Winnebago, most drivers admit they're not surprised Independence Day weekend can be a riskier time on the roads, especially at night.

"I think a lot more because of the parties and the picnics, and that's why I'm glad to see the Highway Patrol is keeping an eye on that, because I think alcohol is our biggest problem," driver Tom Gindorff said.

"Definitely a lot more cookouts, partying going on, people celebrating with the Fourth, people have their own fireworks going on," driver Marcy Swisher said.

State police wouldn't go as far as warning people off the roads this weekend as long as a DD or someone sober is behind the wheel.

"We're not going to tell people to stay home, but what we're going to tell them that if you are going to be out and going to drink, have someone else drive whose a designated driver," Pinzarrone said.

They are tips to make sure you and your family get safely to and from your holiday destination.