A Want Ad Like No Other

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Two months ago 23 News brought you the story of a Rockford mother’s desperate plea to find a donor kidney for her four-year-old daughter. She finally found a donor after placing a want ad in a local paper, and on Friday her miracle will come true. Her daughter will receive a long awaited transplant from a stranger.

David Harper may have been a stranger when he answered the Rushford's call for help two months ago, but now he is a special part of their family. This Friday, their four-year-old daughter Angela will get a new chance at life, from a man who hardly knows her.

Four-year-old Angela Rushford doesn't have much energy as a degenerative kidney condition takes a hold of her life. David says she has her whole life ahead of her and he wants to make sure she is able to enjoy it.

David Harper doesn't believe he is courageous for wanting to donate his kidney to someone he barely knows. For him, it's just something he believes he has to do. And thankfully the Rushford's say there are people who hearts are big as David's. The Rushford's never thought anyone would answer their plea for help when they placed an ad in a local paper. But by placing this ad their lives have changed forever.

Friday's operation will be performed at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Most of the cost is being picked up by insurance.