Another Shooting Sparks Worries on Rockford's West Side

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Many people in the Andrews St. neighborhood believe two weekend shootings are a result of gang violence. One person gets hurt, someone close to them retaliate.

“If you can't get them, you gonna get somebody in their family, gang violence that's every day. A lot of shootings down here in the projects,” says Lavecka Felton.

She lives right across the street from where a little boy was shot Saturday afternoon. One of the bullets went right through her front door, and into her couch. She was home with her family at the time of the drive-by shooting.

Felton says it doesn't take much to set off a gun fight, "You've got people who are killed over a pair of socks."

A few blocks down on Andrews Street, people are furious about gang activity in their neighborhood.

The latest shooting on Andrews Street is not believed to be gang related, but residents say many kids on the block are joining gangs because they don't get the support they need at home.