Men Marching for Peace Rally Unites on Father's Day Weekend

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"If we can lead, let them follow."

For these men, this isn't just a walk; it's a spiritual journey for males at the forefront of increasing the peace.

"A lot of people say, why men? We say men because the ones who are committing these murders, these shootings, come from fatherless homes," Rev. Ovester Armstrong, Jr. said.

Reversing that hopeless environment for many young people on this Father's Day weekend, these 200 males said enough is enough. In unison, they outlined a different path, proving there's a different fate than prison and pistols.

"Each year there is a new generation going into that age where they are joining groups or gangs or what have you, and it's increasing because of that and we got to get them out of that there and guide them to something positive," Willie McCoy said.

"Everywhere we go, peace we want to go."

Participants admit while the march is only the first step, it's an important step for males to be positive and effective role models.

"Violence is universal. It's something that we are all in need to step up and do something about it. No matter where it is in the world, this is something we can move and do," Bob Van Der Wege said.

Move these men did, in a short walk for peace and a long march for male pride.

"It's not ok to murder someone, shoot anyone, but it's ok to walk as positive men with ties on, with all colors, unified together.

They’re together as fathers, as males, and for peace on the streets.