Accused Cop Killer Gets New Judge

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A big change is on the way in the William Buck murder trial.

Buck is charged in the August 2001 shooting death of Rockford police detective Kevin Rice.

Judge Craig Peterson stepped down from the trial late Thursday afternoon.

Now a new judge will be appointed.

Before the Buck pre-trial even started, judge Craig Peterson announced his retirement effective in early September.

Wednesday the defense team asked judge Peterson to push the murder trial start date back they apparently needed more time to prepare.

Judge Peterson granted the motion, in doing so, judge Peterson put himself in a position of not being able to see the murder trial all the way through.

Questions still remain about the course of the trial now that Peterson has stepped down.

If the defense team or prosecutors will try and fight previous rulings.

Winnebago county states attorney Paul Logli says he doesn't anticipate any big changes.

The murder trial was set to start in mid July, with Peterson stepping down, the trial will most likely be pushed back to at least mid August.

The case has been handed to judge Gerald Grubb, he could choose to hear the case, or could appoint another judge to it.

Keep in mind there have already been major rulings in the pre-trial they include the lake county jury selection, and bucks confession being admissible in trial.