Storms Knock Out Power And Knock Down Trees

Months of dry weather and strong storms with frequent lighting caused at least one house fire in Rockford. Stanley and Yolanda Weisensel had just pulled into their driveway in New Milford when their house was hit by lightning.

"We saw the flash of lighting, came inside and everything seemed to be fine, we went out on the porch and a gentleman came by and said your attic was on fire." said Yolanda Weisensel.

Local fire fighting crews were already on their way to a separate fire when they drove past the burning house.

According to New Milford Fire Chief Mike Collins "The first five minutes was chaotic, deterring trucks to two different locations, but then we got it under control." Due to the early arrival of the fire department damage was limited to the attic.

At least one other house may have been struck by lighting, but lightning certainly wasn’t the only thing causing damage. Trees and large tree branches were downed across much of Winnebago County. Some of these branches fell on power lines requiring maintenance to restore power to local homes. Luckily there were no large power outages across the county.