Police Continue Search for Missing Woman

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Police investigators were searching a remote part of eastern Boone County for evidence into the disappearance of 25-year-old Brynn Null. She has been missing since Nov. 16.

Investigators have stepped up their search the past couple days after acquiring new leads into the disappearance of null. They searched a 132 square mile section of Boone County, but they were tipped off by dogs of possible human remains just south of Capron.

She was last seen Nov. 16 by her husband.

Police used boats divers and cadaver dogs to search the area just south of Capron.

Investigators say that they were alerted to this site after four cadaver dogs sensed human remains near a bridge support.

Now investigators have concluded their search of the river bed and haven't found anything, they are resuming their search down stream because they say that is extremely unusual for four cadaver dogs to all sense human remains and be wrong. Police do say that what the dogs sensed could be as benign as a fisherman cutting himself in that area.