Disease Ridden Ticks

There are 12 different kinds of ticks that cause disease, paralysis or are just a nuisance.

Local concern isn't over the common wood tick but so much as it is for deer ticks which have increased across northern Illinois in the last few years. These ticks sole source of nutrition is blood, often from mans best friend.

Dogs aren't the only ones that serve as hosts to ticks. The parasites also enjoy feasting on humans. While they feed they can transmit lime disease and some possibly fatal bacteria, so removing ticks as quickly as possible is important.

If you get a tick on you there is only one safe way to remove it. Grab it with a tweezers right where its head meets the skin, and then simply pull. If you grab it by the body the tick's jaw can stay inside your skin and cause an infection.

If you or someone you know develops a fever after receiving a tick bite, go directly to the doctor’s office.