Rockford Park District Job Fair

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On a chilly December day it's hard to think about going for a swim at Magic Waters or teeing up at the Sinnissippi golf course, but hundreds of state line residents lined up Friday to try and get a summer job at those park district facilities and many others.

The Rockford Park District building on South Main Street was jam packed with job seekers, hoping to fill some 200 seasonal openings.

"It's kind of hectic scattered about but it flows," said job seeker Dannielle Augustine.

Augustine is hoping to use her skill as a swimmer to land a lifeguarding job at Magic Waters.

"I just kind of wanted to apply and get another job and save money for college," Augustine said.

With a lagging economy competition for the jobs is stiff about 1,000 people turned out to fill out applications and stand in line for an interview.

"I was very nervous. I'm like, what if 2,000 people show up?" said Kimberly Marshall, from Rockford Park District Human Resources.

While most of those filling out applications and waiting inline for interviews are teenagers park district officials say there's also a need for adults.

"I think a majority of the community thinks we only want teens. But we're looking for adults too. We want adults, retirees," Marshall said.

Bruce Ahmer is one of those adults applying for a job with the park district.

"I've been looking for a job for a couple of years now and there's nothing out there in engineering at least right now. So I have to look for something else," Ahmer said.

Ahmer hopes his age and experience will set him apart and help him get a supervisory job at a golf course.
"I didn't realize how many people would be down here. There's an awful lot of people," said Ahmer.

If you missed Friday's job fair you can still apply for a job with the Rockford Park District. Just stop by the district's main office at 1402 North Second Street for an application.