Wanted Man

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Tuesday, Rock County police are searching for Delmar McNeal, a man they say with a history of violent arson, hostage taking and carjacking.

Police say McNeal did not report back from a conditional release program run by the state of Wisconsin, when he was released Monday afternoon.

Police consider Delmar McNeal to be dangerous and urge anyone with information on his whereabouts to contact police.

Police say McNeal was released from this community program on Monday afternoon for a job search, but he never returned to the treatment facility.

"With his history and the nature of his offenses, there's a concern that he would re-offend. We consider him to be someone who has the potential to be dangerous to the community,” says Commander Tom Gehl from the Rock County Sheriff’s Office.

Delmar's rap sheet is filled with arrests for arson, sexual assault, hostage taking, and carjacking, crimes all committed in Beloit. McNeal was placed in the conditional release facility instead of jail after a court found him not guilty by reason of mental disease.

"We're trying to following what leads we have and hopefully we'll come up with him,” adds Gehl.

State officials who oversee the conditional release program tell 23 News walkaways do not happen on a regular basis and they have a system in place to find the individuals and return them to state supervision.