Wind Farm Proposal Heard Before Zoning Board

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A vision to turn Boone County farmland into an ambitious wind energy project was heard tonight. In front of the Boone County zoning board of appeals, the farmer leading the Boone Heritage Wind Farm outlined the project. The zoning board made a list of 40 regulations necessary for the project to move forward.

The wind farm would place 15 turbines on four farms in the Poplar Grove and Caledonia Townships. Opponents have concerns about the turbines vicinity to homes. Farmers involved say the project would protect rural life, and pump in new tax dollars to schools.

Wind farm leaders feel confident in the zoning board's background work. "Forty conditions says they did a good job in answering questions to make a quality project. We don't want a poor quality project. We're going to farms these turbines as farmers for several generations," farmer Wallace Ramsey said.

The zoning board of appeals was expected to approve the project late Tuesday night. For the wind farm to be finalized, it must be approved next month by the public zoning board and the full Boone County board.