Alarm System Stirs Consumer Inquiries in the Stateline

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She was ready for some additional home security. That is when an Apex Alarm System representative knocked on her door three weeks ago.

Ever since Imes first got her Apex Alarm system installed, she admits that she didn't fully understand what she was getting herself into.

At the time she was told her Social Security number and credit card numbers were needed to be used for a background check.

“They wanted my credit card number at the time and i didn't understand that was an activation fee and also my first month’s bill," said Imes.

Just as Imes has experienced the Better Business Bureau says there have been numerous complaints of door-to door sales of apex alarm systems.

The Utah Company’s reps have been going door to door in our area since May and will continue to sell alarm systems through August.

Dennis Horton of the Better Business Bureau says he's received over 40 consumer inquires in Rockford and over 150 in Northern Illinois. He says it isn't the quality of the product that is a problem, it's the sales approach which is of concern.

"First telling consumers they're getting a free system which leads people to believe they aren't paying anything until later or when they find out they have signed a three-year contract," said Horton.

Apex says customer satisfaction is very important to them.

"We train all reps to make sure they explain its contractual for 36 month period and that’s when we put in bold on the agreement for people to review before agreeing,” said Jack Inbar of Apex Alarm Systems.

The Better Business Bureau has this reminder: "Before you sign anything, we recommend checking them out first,” said Horton. “If it’s a leg offer, if something that's not high pressured, customers will be there and the product will still be there."

Imes says she believes the system will keep her safe, but knowing everything now she never would have agreed to it.