Fireworks Safety

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Every year thousands of people are injured setting them off, including many children. "The Rockford Fire Department wants people to know that there are no safe fireworks, all fireworks carry risks," says Rockford Fire Department Inspector Bill Hyde.

Fireworks are illegal in the state of Illinois, but every year, the Rockford Fire Department seizes thousands of explosives. On Monday, the fire department confiscated these fireworks from a local business. In the last 10 days, there have been three city fires directly related to the use of fireworks.

“It's very dry outside, fireworks and smoke bombs can cause grass fires," says Hyde. Hyde says even though sparklers are legal in the state, they carry just as much risk. Take a look at this video from the government’s annual fireworks safety demonstration.

"They burn at 1800 degrees, a lot of children can catch their clothes on fire," says Hyde. So this holiday weekend, Hyde is encouraging everyone to leave the fireworks to the experts.

“The 4th of July Fireworks celebration in Rockford is a very large professional display that is safely performed," says Hyde. After police confiscate fireworks, they are destroyed by the bomb squad.

Last year, 6600 people nationwide were hurt by fireworks in the month-long period before and after the July 4 holiday.