Stephenson County Board Approves Ordinance Challenging Adult Entertainment

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While no adult establishments currently exist in Stephenson County, board members approved an ordinance making it more difficult for strip clubs to be seen, or rake in the green.

The board overwhelmingly approved the ordinance limiting adult entertainment by a vote of 18 to 2. The ruling forces any adult business, to set up at 3,000 feet from any school, church or park.

The ruling also limits adult businesses' advertising and access. Board members believe the ordinance can also avoid Rockford's recent troubles with accused prostitution in several city massage parlors, and Wednesday night, the rural county approves the plan, making it more challenging for such businesses to set up shop in Stephenson County.

"We felt that it was important to have this in place. We don't have a problem, we don't want a problem, so we want our ordinance to be clean, and one that will stand the test of constitutionality," Stephenson County board member Sheila Hooper said.

Freeport city leaders are also reviewing a similar ordinance restricting adult businesses within its borders.