Man Involved in Fatal Crash Is Sentenced

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As family members of the late Jill Clankie left the courthouse, months of uncertainty and grief-filled court dates ended with the judge's sentence for 21-year-old Ryan Moberg.

"I know he wasn't going to get 14 years, so five years is even more than I expected him to get, so I think that's a good amount of time to be in there," daughter Shanna Clankie said.

Clankie died in this car accident in March 2004 at Latham and Old River Roads. Investigators say Moberg not only sped through a stop sign, but repeatedly smoked marijuana the day of the accident. The late Clankie's middle daughter took the witness stand at the sentence hearing. She fought tears discussing her mother's kindness, and how her death left their family in financial and emotional ruins. However, Clankie says Moberg can be forgiven.

"My mom, like I said previously, she never hated anyone. She always said if anyone ever upset her, she's like that person must have really strong demons in her. But she always hoped they got help," Clankie said.

It's that help and rehabilitation Clankie's daughter hopes will come from Moberg's prison time. She's thankful the courtroom handling a criminal case remained civil.

"If I was in his position, my family would be supporting me too, so I was glad his father was able to speak on his behalf, and I was proud my family filled the courtroom. You could tell my mom and Ryan had people that loved them dearly," Clankie said.

A bittersweet day for two families, brought together for a sentence hearing, and moving forward after it’s handed out.