Connor Feehan

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Last summer four-year-old Connor Feehan nearly died after being involved in an motorcycle-ATV accident at the Byron motocross track.

Doctors didn't think Connor would make it, but he defied odds and is on the road to recovery. Connor is home now, but, life has been quite different these past several months for the Feehan family.

For several months, Connor was in a rehab facility in Chicago undergoing intensive therapy. Connor's next step to recovery will take him to a treatment facility in suburban Arlington Heights. There he will begin a new therapy called hyperbaric oxygen treatment. It's a treatment to rebuild and grow cells.

The Feehan family hopes that it will be the key to Connor’s quick and full recovery. In the meantime, Connor has complete support from his family.

Connor will have to undergo between 100-200 hyperbaric oxygen treatments. And each treatment costs $170, so, the therapy has a big price tag. And since the treatment is considered non-conventional the Feehan family's insurance company will not cover the cost.