A Lead in the Kallenbach Case

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When Kory Kallenbach was hit by a car this past September, the only hope police had of finding the person responsible was a small paint chip. But now it turns out that may have been enough.

It's a light at the end of a tunnel for Kory's mom, Mindy DalSanto. "It just makes me feel that much hope that we'll find the people responsible for this."

After evaluating a small paint chip found at the scene of the hit and run accident that left Kory Kallenbach fighting for his life, the FBI has determined that the vehicle that struck Kory is a 1998 to 2001 white Dodge Ram pickup truck.

DalSanto says, "This news today has just brightened up, when you don't feel like it can get any better and it's just continuously getting better."

Now that Kory is home and making progress everyday, the attention can shift elsewhere.

"He's doing so well now and now we have to get down to business and find the people responsible for this," says DalSanto

Kory says he hopes the person or persons who did this comes forward, “Because it was a really stupid mistake that they made."

Kory's mom says she has a few questions for the person responsible. "How can they look in the mirror everyday? I want to tell them how angry I am. Do they realize how many lives they’ve changed?"

The police have also been able to trace the paint job on the truck that struck Kory to a Chrylser plant in Saint Louis. They were also able to obtain a partial vehicle identification number. If you have any information that can link police to the vehicle with this VIN number call Loves Park Police at 633-8800