Raffle Scam

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"This is the second year in a row that we've found out someone’s been going door to door selling raffle tickets aimed at the community and basically ripping people off," said Pastor Bob Driver-Bishop of Grace Lutheran Church.

Pastor Driver-Bishop is upset with the fact that someone is out there shaming his church's name, so he's teamed up with the Loves Park police to warn people of this scam.

“I understand someone is going door-to-door selling raffle tickets in the name of our youth group. The raffle is for a $1,000 shopping spree at Cherryvale Mall," said Pastor Driver-Bishop.

The pastor says there is no raffle and his church's youth would never be involved in raising money this way. The youth group raises money through service projects.

Police say that it is in the neighborhood of Guilford Estates where there have been reports of raffle tickets being sold, but this scam has the potential to spread to communities other than just Rockford. They remind all of us too.

"Contact the Loves Park police or your Police Dept. Jurisdiction to talk with someone firsthand who has dealt with trying to sell the raffle tickets and maybe develop more of a description of them for further information to follow up on."

So far all that's known about the fake raffle seller is that he's described as a white school aged male.

Grace Lutheran Church is offering cash reward of $100. That is only if someone calls the Loves Park Police Department and the information they provide leads to catching this scam artist.