Three People Killed in Accident on I-90 Near Riverside

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It was a terrible scene Friday afternoon on I-90 near the Riverside exit. A truck rolled over on its side with a car trapped underneath and flames quickly destroyed both with people still inside.

Illinois State Police pulled two bodies from the car, but at first could not locate the driver of the burning truck.

Lt. David Charnicky from District 15 State Police says the entire tractor went up in flames and was destroyed. Firefighters worked for over an hour to put out the flames, later discovering the body of the driver inside.

All three victims died on the scene and were burnt beyond recognition.

Winnebago County Coroner Sue Fiduccia says they’ll have to use dental records to identify the three victims and might not be able to make any identifications until Saturday or Sunday.

Both State Police and Fiduccia say they've never seen an accident quite like this.

“One of the worst, one of the saddest,” says Fiduccia.

“Very traumatic, very traumatic, very sad, we had to have a loss of life here," said Lt. Charnicky.

The drivers of the two other trucks involved walked away from the accident, refusing medical attention. One of the trucks was from Wal-Mart, the other from MC-T Trucking. Police have been on the scene working to reconstruct the accident. The three trucks and car are believed to have been heading west on I-90 before colliding.

While the cause of the crash is still not clear, police are reminding drivers to be careful.

"People need to slow down and pay attention,” says Illinois State Police Trooper Thomas Gartner.

Important rules to follow as we start the weekend. Autopsies on all three victims was set for Saturday.