Sobos Win State

High School Football
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Its been a week and a weekend and a season to remember in South Beloit the Sobo football team went to Champaign Friday afternoon and what they brought back is something the town of South Beloit has never seen before.

And a whole bunch of the town of South Beloit was out Friday night to see it. It is a state championship trophy. It's the first of its kind for the Sobos.

The football team won the 1A title Friday afternoon with a 50-22 win over El Paso.

Members of the football team came home to a parade through town, a bonfire and victory celebration at their home field in South Beloit City Park. A victory celebration attended by Sobo fans of all ages and sizes.

Many of the seniors got a chance to address the crowd. It's a group the state championship coach and many others thought might be able to create some real fireworks!!