Keeping Kids Cool in Hot Summer Heat

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There's only one way to describe it; it's hot outside! Temperatures aren't expected to let up for days, but the heat isn't likely to keep our kids from venturing outside. Here are some tips to keep our kids cool.

Doctors recommend the three l's: liquid, lotion and lots of shade. They say it's pretty common sense stuff and nothing that will keep our kids from having a good time this summer.

Keep water within reach, although doctors say sports drinks like Gatorade might be a better option because of their sodium content.

Sunscreen is also a must. Doctors say especially for seven, eight and nine-year-olds. They're more difficult to keep an eye on and more likely to end up in the ER with bad sun burns. The way our kids dress can help with the heat as well.

"You want to wear white clothes rather than dark clothes because they reflect the light rather than absorb it," says Dr. John Underwood.

If we notice our kids have red faces, stomach aches or say they're feeling sick, that's a sign that they need to get out of this sun and cool off.