Moisturizer Craze

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Self-tanning products allow us to get that glow without the risks, and one tanning lotion in particular is flying off the shelves at drug stores around the country.

"We can't keep it in stock. We can't keep it on the shelf."

Jawewa Welcome is the senior beauty advisor at Walgreen’s on East State Street in Rockford. She's talking about Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer, the hottest new item to hit the cosmetic market.

Nowadays, drug store aisles are filled with self-tanning products from lotions to gels to foams, so what is it about this product that's creating such a craze? Some say it's the risk free and effortless application.

"It's a moisturizer with a tint of glow," says Welcome.

The lotion, available in fair and medium, promises to gradually turn skin a shade darker without the streaking or orange coloration, and it's been selling out of the more than 15,000 drugstores across the country that carry the product.

"I was reading People Magazine, and they were talking about it and how stores can't keep it on the shelves. It's a healthy alternative to the sun, and I wanted to try it," says Deborah Moore.

One Walgreen’s was sold out for days. They just received a new shipment. Bidding wars have erupted on ebay, more than 900 auctions devoted to the star product.

This fiery new fashion accessory has surely made a name for itself, and the demand continues to radiate. The Walgreen’s on East State received 13 bottles in this shipment. The medium/deep shade is already sold out.

The product sells for $5.79. This is believed to be Jergens’ biggest product launch in its 123-year history.