Summer Heat Adds to Traveling Hazards

It causes roads to crack, buckle and break, but it is nothing as obvious as an accident or as dramatic as an earthquake. It is the summer heat.

At least three roadways in the greater Rockford area are partially closed due to buckling pavement. Concrete is most likely to buckle due to heat expansion within a few months of being poured. After that, the concrete has fully settled and is much less likely to crack.

When prevention isn't enough road crews are called in to fix minor cracks. There are six crews operating in the city of Rockford looking for and repairing cracks in the streets. If there is a large blow up that poses a threat to drivers the road is immediately closed.

With over 650 miles of roadways to maintain the city of Rockford hasn’t seen any major buckles in the streets within city limits.

If you would like to report a crack, pothole or buckle in a roadway in Rockford you can call 987-5763.