Pit Bull Attack Has Animal Experts Urging Caution

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At a home on Pershing Avenue in Rockford, man's best friend turned into a woman's worst enemy.

"The severity of the bites that this lady experienced last night would certainly indicate that it's not a good choice to get between two animals that are fighting," Winnebago County Animal Services Director Gary Longanecker said.

Investigators say a 22-year-old stabbed one of her four pit bulls with a kitchen knife after the dog turned its violent attention to its owner. Winnebago County Animal Services wouldn't say if the pit bull owner attack is a local aberration or a trend.

"The amount of pit bulls that Winnebago County is impounding on the streets as strays, the number of animals that we see going through this facility, continue to grow," Longanecker said.

Animal experts say dog attacks are more common during the summer when the added heat can dangerously fire up animals.

"Word of caution to the owners. Food, water and shelter, and keeping your animal confined if the public will continue to work on those issues. It will certainly diminish the necessity for us to go what we had to face last night," Longanecker said.

It’s a pit bull attack which has animal experts advising caution for all area dog owners.