Cuts in Services or A Tax Hike?

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The Rockford City Council will get their first glimpse of Mayor Doug Scott's 2003 budget proposal Monday night.

It's expected to be filled with cuts and possible layoffs as the city tries to make up for a $7.5 million shortfall.

Seventh ward alderman Dick Goral says the Rockford City Council may have to raise taxes in order to balance next years city budget.

When the City Council gets the Mayor's budget Monday night it's expected to be filled with service reductions and jobs cuts as a way to bring Rockford's budget in balance with a decreasing revenue stream. Cutting police and fire services alderman say is something they say they want to protect

Now the bottom line is that if the city council can't find another revenue source to pay for some city services.

Alderman say people need to understand that if they want to continue the level of police and fire protection, it may cost them more either in tax dollars now or personal protection later