Ambitious Development Project Approved in Western Boone County

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In recent weeks, developers of Deer Hills and residents in the nearby Deer Woods subdivision met several times, ironing out compromises to the Belvidere development which will soon add hundreds of new neighbors.

All but one member of the Belvidere City Council approved the Deer Hills annexation and the zoning changes to make the project work.

The subdivision will go on the land off Squaw Prairie Road and will share an entrance with Deer Woods. About 40 Deer Woods residents met in the middle with developers on important issues including density of homes and repair of roads after construction.

While some Deer Woods residents are disappointed with future added traffic, most were pleased with the developer’s cooperation and communication.

"It's not that anyone opposes the development. It is more like there's lots of kids in that neighborhood and traffic would create a safety hazard, so our big issue was the density and I think we partly addressed that," Deer Woods resident Jay Mathur said.

"This has never been done before in this area, a development like this. Hopefully this is the first of many. As you go out west and other locations and other cities, this is done all the time," developer Bob Sanches said.

The approved Deer Hills subdivision project is a mixed use development. It's expected to include town homes, single family homes and commercial development.