Happy Thanksgiving for One Local Family

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The Kallenbach family has a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving. Kory Kallenbach walked home from the hospital after battling back from severe injuries he sustained in a hit and run crash.

Two months ago doctors thought Kory Kallenbach wouldn't make it through the night, but Thursday he walked out of the hospital, heading home for thanksgiving. The road to recovery has been a long one.

His family and friends have been there every step of the way.

The doctor who led Kory's rehab says the fifteen year old should fully recover and Kory's attitude has made that possible.

As Kory heads home in a limo, he's says he's focused on getting a good meal and getting back to life as a normal teen-ager.

Kory says he remembers nothing of that September night. Not even leaving his friends house on his scooter. He hopes to return to school in February or March.