Butterball giving chefs a hand

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With Thanksgiving just hours away, holiday chefs are in the midst of preparing their Thanksgiving feast.
But sometimes not everything goes as planned. So there is help just a phone call away if you need help or just want to talk turkey.

“Welcome to the Buterball Turkey Hotline.”

That saying has been heard by millions of anxious chefs over the years that need expert advice fast on how to create a picture perfect turkey.

""We’ve been around along time. We're almost a tradition like Thanksgiving,” said, Mary Clingham, a Butterball Turkey expert

Mary Clingham has been serving up expert advice for more than 18 years. In that time she says she has helped chefs of all levels who need to talk turkey. And some of the best advice she says she can give is what she learned when she first started.

"We still find that the best tried and true way to cook a turkey is with a shallow pan, said Clingham.

Clingham says by doing so ensures the turkey will cook evenly.

"When you get the turkey in the pan place vegetable oil over the skin this will give you a beautiful golden brown bird as a result, said Clingham.

One of the tricks Clingham has learned over the years she says is using tin foil to cover the breast when the turkey is 2/3's of the way done.

“What this does is slow down the cooking of the breast and allow the thigh to get up to temperature, said Clingham.

Other quick tips she offers is that... Chefs need to make sure that they thaw the bird before putting into the oven...then cook it at 325 degrees...and remove the turkey once the thigh reaches 180 degrees. But if you still have questions she says that the butterball turkey hotline is there to help.

“We just try and make it that much better...it's fun, said Clingham.

Now if you need some advice on how to make your turkey a little bit better.... the Butterball holiday hotline is open through Christmas...so instead of going cold turkey worrying about your holiday feast...these experts say call them before you bight off more than you can chew.