School Board Mulls Superintendent Brown's Contract

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In less than a week the Rockford School Board expects to make a decision regarding the future of Superintendent Doctor Alan Brown. Some board members have hinted that brown's contract will not be renewed.

Just last week, Rockford Superintendent Doctor Alan Brown was praising his successes and planning for the future at his third state of the school’s address. Next week school board members will decide whether Brown has a future with Rockford schools.

Alice Saudargas is a former Rockford teacher, principal and school board member. She says letting Doctor Brown go now put the district into a tailspin.

"I think we're going to be in worse disarray than we are now. We are really and truly,” Saudargas says.

Saudargas says it's too late to start a search and consistency is needed as a completely new school board could be voted in, in a matter of months.

"I really think they need to delay it for one year, when they have more time to find a new superintendent and a new board will have time to assess Dr. Brown's performance,” Saudargas says

"I just think it's not a good time to change the course of the ship,” adds Molly Phalen of the Rockford Teacher’s Union.

Phalen agrees that a new superintendent will create new challenges for schools, students and teachers, now that a new contract is in place that places emphasis on site based management, "Some of it is truly sitting down and almost giving history lessons in terms of what has gone on. And a lot of it is where is the commitment going to be?” Phalen comments.

If the board goes the route of not extending brown's contract Phalen says the new board should get to select that person. Saudargas says that person should have experience in an urban school system.

Board members expect to make a decision on Brown's contract at Tuesday’s meeting. His current contract expires June 30