Sentence Delayed in Murder Trial of Demarcus Hanson

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Sentencing takes an unexpected turned in the murder trial of eight-year-old Demarcus Hanson.

Hanson was shot through a window, while sleeping in his bed on April 14.

Defense Attorneys told Judge Gerald Grubb they will request a new trial for 20-year-old Tyjuan Anderson and 29-year-old Lumont Johnson.

Both have already been convicted by jury, but defense attorneys say a new witness came forward Wednesday that was near the scene of the shooting on the night of April 14.

23 News has learned two separate groups of men were involved in a gun fight across Rockford on that night.

Gun fire was exchanged between the groups on at least two separate occasions, in two different locations.

Each group is accusing the other of the murder.

Family and friends of Anderson and Johnson say both we're more than 20 blocks away when Hanson was murdered.

Attorneys were not available for comment after the trial.

The motion for a new trial is set for argument on Jan. 30.