City Council Wrap

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Often times old buildings found throughout the area sit and sit and sit. When developers come to town they do not want to even explore what could be reused for future development.

The City of Rockford received a grant of $200,000 to restore Brownfield Properties. The money will mainly be used to perform environmental site assessments at locations along the Rock River corridor.That would mean abandoned properties like the former Ingersoll facility can be restored. Closed up gas stations will also be studied to check for leaking.

Finding a use for something others don't want was also the focus of another conversation at Monday night’s city council meeting.

The City of Rockford ordinance about garage sales states that residents are only allowed two garage sales per year, but Alderman Dan Conness says that rule is being abused. Conness read in a resolution to look at how the city can either monitor or change the city ordinance. The garage sale resolution will go back to committee to be discussed.