Second Funeral Community Attends in One Weekend

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Eight-year-old Laura Hobbs lay in a white coffin, wearing a red dress and flanked by a Barbie doll and a white teddy bear.

Hobbs and nine-year-old Krystal Tobias were found stabbed to death on May ninth in a park near their homes in Zion, a town of 22,000 people about 45 miles north of Chicago. Authorities have charged Hobbs' father, 34-year-old Jerry Hobbs, with first-degree murder.

Laura Hobbs' mother, Sheila Hollabaugh, told the congregation of about 200 family, friends and neighbors that she knows her daughter is in heaven.

Dozens of Hobbs' classmates from Beulah Park Elementary School also attended the service. Krystal's funeral was Saturday.