Mid-Town District Pushing for Residential Rebirth

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Mid-town district president Bill Mohr says a new buzz is brewing on Seventh Street.

"Big time excitement; there's a lot of anticipation of things," Mohr said.

There is anticipation for lofts and town homes at this, and at least one other Mid-town property. This Wednesday, a leading Illinois restoration expert will outline how Rockford can use tax credits in the historical Seventh district, and make loft living affordable and trendy for residents.

"That's what we're looking for is young professionals to move in with disposable income. People that want to live here and have fun. It's going to create a whole new environment for this whole neighborhood," Mohr said.

Yet hurdles still remain. Before dozens of residents flock to Mid-town, Mohr says the community must first rid itself of the perception that Seventh Street is ruled by seedy behavior.

"You take a look up and down this street. Do you see any prostitutes? Do you see any drug deals? You don't because drug deals and prostitution has decreased," Mohr said.

Mohr believes with AmCore and Swedish American hospital just blocks away, Mid-town is in perfect position for a residential renaissance.

"The qualities that are coming on is going to be extraordinary. We'll see what kind of response we get. I'd be amazed if these don't sell out within a year," Mohr said.

It’s a year in which the Mid-town district could have an entirely different look, feel and energy.