Planting Tips for the Garden

Now that the vast majority of cold nights are a thing of the past many people are in the full swing of gardening, but there are a few important tips to remember when planting.

If we have plants in the house or a place without exposure we want to gradually increase their exposure to the outside. That way our transferred plants won’t go into shock from the temperature swings from day to night.

Though we have had less than half our normal rainfall this spring, master gardener Mary Thiesing says established plants should be ok. It is the new additions to our gardens that may take some additional prepping. For instance, potted plants have very condensed roots. Breaking them up before planting will make it easier for the roots to grow into the surrounding ground.

When the roots are loose we can plant them in the ground. We will want to pack them down firm to make sure they take to their new environment. Once new plants are in the ground it is all about watering.

Watering once per day or at least ever other day is suggested for new plants, then slowly decreasing the watering with time.