A Twin Record?

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Rose and Rebeka, Kayla and Courtney, Ashley and Erica, Austin and Allison, Lindsay and Rachel, Aleksandra and Aleksandar; so far we're at six sets of twins, but that's not all. Harlem High School's freshman class boasts nine sets of twins.

"I think it's crazy how many sets of twins there are," says Allison Allton.

"I think it's weird there's not that many twins in the upper class," says Lindsay Bosen.

"You don't always see that many sets of twins in one class," says Courtney Schlensker.

Nine sets of twins, quite impressive, but it's not just a local phenomenon. This story may be gaining some international attention. We contacted the Guinness Book of World Records in London and they say it appears these dazzling duos have broken a record.

Laura McTurk from the Guinness Book says the current record for the most sets of twins in the same academic year at one school is seven. McTurk says, "It’s fantastic to hear that a new Guinness world record may have been set and we will look forward to being in contact with them soon."

And believe it or not, the Ripley's Museum in Orlando wants to add the story about Harlem's freshman multiples to its exhibit..

"I didn't think there was this many twins. I thought there was just three sets," says Austin Allton.

It takes two, or in this case 18, but the Twinergy in Harlem's High School's freshman class may have landed these multiples in the record books, and it appears next year's freshman class will have nine sets of twins as well.