WI Governor and Congressman Pledging to Fight Closure of Milwaukee Reserve Center

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Administration Secretary Marc Marotta is referring to the Defense Department's plan to close one of Wisconsin's five major military installations.

Marotta says the state will fight the closures in Wisconsin, but he also says Wisconsin avoided what could have been much bigger blows to its military bases.

The Pentagon recommends closing the Air Reserve Station housing the 440th Airlift Wing at Milwaukee's airport, relocating reserve units in Madison and moving some jobs out of Fort McCoy.

The recommendation could mean a loss of 552 military and civilian jobs in Wisconsin. It's part of a larger proposal to shut about 180 military installations nationwide.

Fort McCoy in western Wisconsin would gain workers from Fort Snelling in Minnesota but lose others as part of a realignment. Overall, the base would lose 282 military jobs and gain 51 civilian jobs, for a net loss of 231 jobs.