Fight Over Leaf Burning

To burn or not to burn that is the question. The question which has flared up during Winnebago County board meetings for years.

The board passed a leaf burning ban for the entire county two years ago, but now it seems the majority of residents favor leaf burning. A current plan drawn up by Jim Webster would allow over 5,000 homes in unincorporated areas to burn two months out of the year.

Some believe that leaf burning is a health hazard to those who suffer from asthma, allergies, emphysema and bronchitis.

Still others are opposed to the current plan because it doesn't allow residents to burn who are in close proximity to Rockford and Loves Park. Rather than vote on the plan, the county board has decided to add two members to the committee and revisit the issue later, but it certainly won't be put on the back burner for long.

Within the next month, 23 News will sift through the ashes and tell you if you can or cannot burn your leaves.