Handling a Cell Phone Is Illegal While Driving!

Drivers soon won't be allowed to answer or talk on handheld cell phones in Chicago anymore.

The Chicago City Council voted to ban the use of handheld cell phones while driving. The rule would require drivers to use hands-free devices unless making 9-1-1 emergency calls or talking while the vehicle is parked.

Rockford’s City Council has never discussed the possibility of trying to ban cell phone use why driving. City council member Frank Beach believes that the Chicago ordinance is a step in the right direction. He believes that like seat belt laws we will see an increase in the banning of cell phone use, and it will eventually be nationwide.

Board member Jeff Holt agrees that drivers should at least use a hands free headset while talking on the phone, but questions whether or not we should have laws regulating the use of cell phones. Holt wonders where we draw the line. He is concerned that it may lead to many other ordinances banning the use of radios or of having a beverage while driving.

The Rockford City Council would not be allowed to pass a cell phone ban without legislation being sent down from state government.