Fortune 500 Company Eyes Roscoe

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A Fortune 500 company is looking to build a new distribution center and Roscoe is on their radar map.

The development would create up to 300 new jobs. Roscoe leaders are doing everything in their power to lure the company.

If a Fortune 500 company is considering Roscoe for a new distribution center, the Village Board is hoping an incentive package approved Tuesday night will seal the deal.

"We hope it'll open up the doors for us. I think if we get this it'll be really something for us," says village trustee Kathy Kliebe.

The company, which has not been named, will be offered property tax abatements for five years, sales tax rebates for 10 years and the elimination of nearly $50,000 in permit fees.

Roscoe is competing with seven other cities for the development, and Colene Vivian of the Roscoe Chamber of Commerce says the incentives will pay off in the long-run.

"Once those incentives are out, now we've got an established company out here. Plus you've got more people on the payroll," says Vivian.

The 175 acre parcel of land the company is eyeing is on the southwest corner of Willowbrooke and Rockton Roads. The interstate, I-90, is just a block away.

"You have I-90. We're close to Dekalb, Rochelle, the hub down there. We're close to Chicago, to Milwaukee. We're very centrally located," says Kliebe.

Kliebe and Vivian agree: Roscoe has a lot to offer. They say when a Fortune 500 company thinks so as well, it's only a matter of time before other companies are calling.

A final decision on this project is expected in June.