Are the Drug Problems Really Gone?

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Neighbors who live near Almart Supermarket on West State Street came together to discuss concerns with the Rockford Police Department.

Last Friday, the supermarket opened back up after the city shut the store down. About two weeks ago, Almart closed due to all the illegal activity going on outside the store.

The residents at the meeting are glad this convenient grocery store is open once again, but say that doesn't mean the problems are gone.

Lavonne Williams says, “With them closing it caused more problems and more drugs to be brought into the neighborhood where I reside at. I’m not happy about that at all.”

Almart owners were at the meeting. They say that they are going to increase the lighting and get more security cameras to monitor all around the store. The armed security guard that is currently present from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. daily is not going to be on-site after this week.