Stateline Drug Bust Nabs Almost Two Dozen Suspects

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Authorities spent long hours throughout the stateline scouring communities small and large. The result? Twenty one people in custody, charged with delivery of cocaine.

The Stateline Area Narcotics Team, or SLANT, teamed up with several law enforcement agencies in Stephenson County and Green County, Wisconsin.

SLANT spent seven months carrying out drug investigations, searching for all the coke dealers they could locate. Authorities say a total of 34 people are wanted in connection. They all face felony charges.

Wednesday alone, 11 suspects were taken into custody. Ten others were arrested and charged in recent days. Thirteen more are still being sought.

SLANT officials say the sting shows the stateline area is not a friendly place for drug use, whether it's in Lena or Wisconsin.

"SLANT has been developed to go freely over statelines, so even if they go to Green County, Lafayette County, these are all places that we cover and they won't be able to hide from us up there," Marty Zumudio said.

The Freeport and Lena Police Departments, along with the Stephenson County Sheriff's Department, has the names of the 13 suspects remaining at large. Authorities hope to bring those suspects into custody within a week.