Proposed Wal-Mart Brings Overflow Crowd to Village Discussion

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Rockton's proposed Wal-Mart site might be only 33 acres, but that small piece of real estate is unleashing a large and divided discussion.

Tuesday night's public hearing drew an overflow crowd. While only a half dozen residents made public comments, the difference of opinion carried on outside of Village Hall.

Wal-Mart supporters argue the store would provide steady revenue for schools and village services. Opponents argue Wal-Mart would only add congestion and headaches.

"Let them shop here. Let the tax money come in here to the community. This way we get some benefit from it," Tim Snyder said.

"I did not start to soil the outcome. I did so to ensure the village that it would never again drop a well-conceived bombshell on our community without allowing our people to have a voice," Kevin Mueller said.

Rockton leaders say a decision has not been made on the proposed Wal-Mart. Another public hearing is scheduled for June 2.

Village officials are then expected to make their final Wal-Mart decision June 7.