Rockford Police Honored

The law enforcement Medal of Honor is given only to those who have displayed exceptional bravery or heroism while performing their duties as an officer. Two of Rockford’s boys in blue were honored Friday for saving the lives of 19 victims of a fire bombing.

On May 3 of 2004, Officers Darren Foulker and Michael McDonald arrived on the scene of a burning apartment building before any firefighters were in sight. Knowing that many people may be inside, the two officers entered the burning building without any fire retardant gear.

Once inside they split up, searching from room to room for possible victims. The officers found all 19 people, including several children, and led them out of the building before it became fully engulfed. The officers said the residents didn't really know what was going on, and had just woken up.

Thanks to the two officers, no one was injured in the blaze. Both Foulker and McDonald have been quoted, saying they are not heroes, merely professionals doing what any officer would have done.